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At BSLM we have carefully curated our course to provide our learners with University progression opportunities. Whether you are looking to get admission into an undergraduate program or a postgraduate program at a UK university, we are here to help.

Many of our Level 3 courses provide direct entry into undergraduate programs at UK universities. Instead of spending your time doing a foundation year- which usually cost £9,000- do one of our courses for only £490 in a much shorter time period.

Our Level 4 and 5 courses will lead to top-up undergraduate courses, again, saving you time and money. These courses will earn you credits so that you can progress directly to the final year of university and get a bachelor’s degree, saving you approximately £17,000 in tuition fees. 

Similarly, our Level 6 courses are ideal if you want to do a postgraduate degree in the UK but do not have the relevant qualification. An example of where this would be useful is if you had an undergraduate degree but wanted to progress to a Masters qualification in a different subject.

Finally, our Level 7 courses provide you with a top-up entry into a Masters course where you just have to attempt a single unit and dissertation to earn your Masters degree from a UK university. Again, this saves you time and money, and allows for a flexible schedule, perfect for working professionals.

Can I get direct or top-up entry on to University courses with BSLM courses?

Our accredited courses are approved by the awarding bodies and many provide University progression routes. For information about course specific University progression, please refer to the relevant course overview. If still unsure, please send an email at

Will I be able to explore job opportunities after completing the course?

Our courses are very practical in nature and will prepare you for practical work in your chosen subject(s). You will have a brighter chance of securing a job after completing one of our courses.

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