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Want to get a Scholarship?

BSLM offers scholarships to deserving students on the basis
of merit. You will find further details on this page.

Scholarship Details

BSLM offers merit-based scholarship opportunities to bright students. All students who are interested in applying for a merit-based scholarship must submit the application along with the statement of purpose and CV. Students will get notified within 72 hours after application submission. Note: 10 scholarships available till 30th September 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

The learner should meet the following criteria.
1. Three As in GCSE for entry on to our Level 3 courses
2. Three As in GCE/A Levels for entry on to our Level 4 and 5 courses
3. First-class undergraduate degree for entry onto our Level 6 and 7 courses
4. English language proficiency of B2 where English is not your first language

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University Progression

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Scholarship Application Process

Eligible candidates should apply by submitting an application form online. Simply select the course that you wish to apply for, and choose the “Pay Later” option. Complete the application form and submit the documents when prompted. It is mandatory to submit a statement of purpose with the application, along with supporting educational documents and a CV. The selected candidate will be informed via email. The final decision to award the scholarship rests with the management. Please note that there is no separate process, application form or deadline to apply for the scholarship. So please follow the above instructions and we will get back to you with an answer.

What is covered?

100% of the tuition fee is covered by this scholarship. Any awarding body charges are not covered and must be paid by the student.

What if I am not awarded the scholarship?

There are only 10 scholarships available every academic year. If you are unable to secure a scholarship, we might offer discounts of up to 50% in exceptional cases. You are more than welcome to apply again next year.

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