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A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction about the provision of, or failure to provide, our purported service. It alleges how one has suffered (or may suffer): financial loss; material distress; or. material inconvenience due to our actions (or inactions).

Britannia School of Leadership and Management (“BSLM”) aims to provide the highest standard of service to its students (including apprentices), and other clients (including apprentice employers). We recognise, however, that if they consider themselves to have grounds for complaints about either academic or administrative services a clear consistent procedure should be available through which these complaints can be investigated and considered.

Student Complaint Procedure

These are two stages in the Complaints Procedure:

Stage 1: The complaint is raised initially with the student’s tutor or the clients main Centre contact using our suggestion/complaint form (available upon request).

Stage 2:The complaint is referred to the Lead IQA (for students) or Head of Centre (for other clients).

It is envisaged that most complaints will be satisfactorily resolved at the first stage, but all possible efforts must be made to ensure that the Lead IQA or Head of Centre is able to resolve the complaints passed on to them.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances a response will be given at each stage within 5 working days. Where extenuating circumstances exist, it will be communicated to the complainant.

Principles of the Complaints Procedures

It is the intention of BSLM that complainant should be discriminated against or in any way penalised for raising a complaint at any level of the Complaints Procedure.

The complainant will be kept informed of the progress of their complaint and any unforeseen delay in the proceedings will be communicated to the student.

At all stages of the process, when a complaint is not upheld, reasons shall be given to the student.

Where a complaint is upheld as valid, remedial action will be taken and the complainant will be informed by the Lead IQA or Head of Centre. If appropriate any incidental expenses incurred by the complainant will be reimbursed.

Should the complainant wish, details of the outcome of the complaint will be posted on the relevant departmental notice board.

BSLM recognises the right of individuals who may be wrongly accused in the circumstances of a complaint. Where it is found that a student has raised a frivolous or vexatious complaint or used false information the college may use its Disciplinary Procedures in respect of the students conduct.

Usually, a complaint cannot be raised by a third party on behalf of another. In exceptional circumstances, applications by a third party to raise a complaint on behalf of another complainant may be considered at the discretion of the registrar. Where appropriate, BSLM will facilitate access to information and documents material to a complaint, whilst having due regard to privacy, confidentiality, and the reasonable interest of any third parties.

Where any meeting is held between the complainant & BSLM staff, the complainant will be entitled to be accompanied by a friend/class fellow, colleague, or teacher.

Monitoring and Review

The Lead IQA of BSLM is responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of this policy. This policy will be reviewed annually by the Lead IQA.