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Training Events

Have you got any questions about our training events? find your answers here.

Who delivers your training events?

Our training events are delivered by industry experts who have a strong grasp of both the technical and practical aspects of the sectors in which they deliver training.

Can I attend your training events online?

Yes, you can attend our training events online with the chance to interact with other delegates through group activities and with the trainers via two-way live communication. 

Can I participate in training events from my home country?

Yes, you can participate in our training events from outside the UK through a video link. For those who want to come and attend the training events physically, BSLM can accommodate your trip; please get in touch to discuss further. If you wish for BSLM to sponsor you for your visa application, please note that this service will be available from Summer 2021.

Are training events accredited?

Our training events are not accredited. It is industry practice that such events are tailored to the needs of the delegates and hence cannot possibly undergo the lengthy accreditation process. Accreditations are meant to be for standard courses that are delivered on a long term basis of at least five years.

Why is the cost of these training higher than the cost of accredited courses?

The cost of training events are higher because we present current content tailored to your contemporary needs. Industry experts deliver these training events, and they have to be compensated for their effort. We ensure small group sizes so that we can focus on the individual needs of delegates/attendees, which, again, results in higher costs.