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Fees and Payment

Have you got any questions about our fees and payments? Find your answers here.

What payment methods are accepted?

The automated payments can be made using one of the two methods:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Direct Debit

If you wish to make a payment over the phone, or pay directly into our bank account, please contact us at

Is the fee refundable?

If we are unable to deliver a course, we will fully refund your fee with an apology. However, if you decide to change your mind after starting a course, our fee will be non-refundable. Please visit our refund policy for more information.

What type of credit & debit cards are accepted?

We accept all kind of debit and credit cards. If you are facing any issue regarding payments methods, contact our support team at  

How are my card details secured?

Your credit/debit card is secured through SSL and TLS. Your data is shared in encrypted form so it is useless for the third parties. For your own piece of mind, we take payments through Paypal and Stripe, rather than using any internally set-up systems. Both Paypal and Stripe are global and well-reputed brands so your card details will be handled in the most secured way.

What should I do if I am not able to pay the fee at once?

We offer flexible instalment plan for the students who can’t pay fee at once. You can check the instalment plan of your chosen course on relevant course page. For more information about instalment plan, contact our support team at

How are instalments offered?

We are offering monthly instalment plans on all courses for learners’ ease. As per the company’s policy, the instalment price may vary from the total fee irrespective of the discount offer on the course. BSLM has the right to alter instalment prices at any time as the company’s policy changes. The BSLM monthly payment plan enables learners to pay their course fees in monthly instalments, the first instalment being due when you register for the course. The remainder of your course fees will be due in monthly instalments, payable on a fixed date of each subsequent month. Awarding body fee is not included in the instalment plan. Learners will have to pay awarding body fee within 14 days of starting the course. Please refer to your chosen course page for the instalment plan. 

If I have completed my course and instalments are pending, Will BSLM issue my certificate?

All instalments must be paid before course completion. BSLM will not issue the course completion certificate until you complete the instalments. 

Is awarding organisation fee included in the instalment plan?

No, instalment plan is only applicable on our course fee. Registration fee of the awarding organisation is mandatory to pay. Without paying registration fee, we are not responsible for any delay in certificate issuance process. 

How much time will it take to receive my certificate, if I have completed my course and all instalments?

Certificate issuance process will take usually 3-4 weeks excluding public holidays. If you do not receive your certificate within 4 weeks, contact learner support at

What if I miss my instalment date? Is there any fine for late fee payment?

For late payments, you will be charged £10/reminder email to cover the administrative costs.