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Continuing Professional Development

Have you got any questions about our Continuing Professional Development courses? Find your answers here.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, and it is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their current capabilities and skills.

Why is CPD so important?

CPD ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills that you need to deliver a professional service to your existing and future clients. It is an important pre-requisite for most job applications and career progression opportunities. 

Who needs to complete CPD?

All professionals working in any sector will need to undertake regular CPDs. The CPD can take form of accredited courses, workshops, seminars, unaccredited online courses, conferences, and training events. The CPD courses that we advertise are auto-delivered and auto-marked unaccredited courses.

Do I receive a certificate for the CPD courses that I complete on the BSLM website?

Yes, you will receive a downloadable certificate upon completion for all BSLM CPD courses. All courses can be completed earlier than the agreed timelines.

Are BSLM CPD courses accredited?

No, our CPD courses are not accredited at this stage. Please be aware that most centres advertising accredited courses are in-fact NOT accredited by an awarding organisation but rather unregulated organisations that do not hold a mandate to accredit courses. Our approach is to be completely honest and transparent about this.

How soon can I commence my CPD once I have completed my registration?

Once your registration has been completed, you can commence your course immediately. You may complete the course on the same day and print the certificate too right away.

Is it worth doing an unaccredited CPD course?

The whole idea of CPD is to continue acquiring additional knowledge and skills, which is very much the idea behind our CPD courses. There is no requirement for CPD to be accredited so you are not losing out on anything.

Will I have to take any online tests with BSLM's learning platform?

You will be required to pass a quiz upon completion of the CPD course. The quiz will test your understanding of what you have learnt on the course. If you do not pass the quiz in the first attempt, you will be allowed to reattempt the quiz as many times as you wish.